Welcome to the world of String Furniture!

We have gathered tons of inspiring photos in one giant photo gallery. See this year’s news at the top and a mixture of inspiration from previous years further down. You will be able to find all the inspiration you need in order to trigger your own creativity and, in your mind at least, start furnishing all the rooms in your home.

Finding something you like, but it is just not exactly what you are looking for? Click on the image and then on the little information (i)-icon in the upper left corner in order to see the other two menu choice. Then, click on the BYO-icon just next to it and open the image in Build Your Own. You can now tweak the design to fit your home. If you like the combination exactly as it is, it could still be fun to play around in the configurator and try different colour options or materials. Have fun, get inspired and downloads your favourite images!

All images are available in high resolution and ready for download.