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Möbelfakta is the Swedish furniture industry’s reference and marking system for furniture. This system includes technical, environmental and production ethical requirements throughout the production chain. Möbelfakta guarantees that the furniture manufacturer complies with the requirements of the outside world for quality, environmental work and social responsibility.

The labeling requirements are based on European quality and environmental requirements, international guidelines for social responsibility and human rights. To ensure relevance, the label is updated continuously.

The environmental criteria of Möbelfakta apply to both material requirements and mandatory product requirements. The material requirements mainly concern raw materials and components used in the manufacture of the furniture, while the product requirements relate to the finished furniture.

The furniture manufacturer must take into account a number of social and ethical aspects, including in relation to his responsibilities towards workers and the conditions prevailing during production. The starting point is the UN guidelines on the Code of Conduct.

More information can be found on Möbelfakta’s website: www.mobelfakta.se.