Messy play minus the mess

Invest in timeless furniture and designs when decorating your kids’ room. With our classic Scandinavian design, we can almost guarantee your String® solution will be the last thing your child will outgrow. As your child is getting older and accumulates more things, you can just continue building out your String combination and add more storage space. By just adding one wall panel or floor panel plus three shelves to your existing shelving solution, you buy yourself a whole lot of storage space. We always have a lot of fun when creating kids’ room solutions, which we think shines through in the images. The mindset when figuring out the most inspiring kids room solutions is storage, storage and storage. In a kids’ room all books, toys and small items tend to end up on the floor. Even if we cannot prevent that from happening, what we can do is to make room for them in the string shelf. Another aspect of furnishing your kids’ room with String® is the fact that they can bring the shelving solution with them when moving out. A little piece of home to help them settle in when they move out for the first time.