We love lazy weekend mornings in bed

Peace and harmony should lead your way when furnishing your bedroom. Create the most optimal shelving combination to complete your existing bedroom furniture with. A bedroom is not only a place to rest, but also a place to store your most personal belongings. Imagine all the clothes, shoes and books you keep in your bedroom. And maybe you are just like us and always have fresh flowers on display? And maybe even some of your most cherished artwork? Either way, all your belongings need their own dedicated spot and we have the bedroom inspiration exactly for these kinds of storage problems. 

The trick is to find harmony between showcasing a few objects while storing most of your clothes. It is not an easy task, but we put in a lot of effort and think we came up with a few brilliant ideas. We have combinations with wall panels to make cleaning a piece of cake and larger wardrobe combinations with all the storage you could possibly need. Our flexible Scandinavian design adds both modernity and function to any bedroom.

Have your heard of our BYO tool? It is a configuration tool where you can plan, design and build your own String® configurations. With all measurements, colours and parts available you can customize your string shelves exactly after your needs. BYO is user friendly and easy to manoeuvre. All you need is a computer and preferably some time – it is so fun to play around with that you tend to forget all about time and place when creating your own designs.

Why stop here? If you are looking for inspiration for other parts of your home as well, we got you covered with inspiration for your entire home! Head over to our inspiration page and pick another room or just simply go to our photo gallery and indulge yourself in all the inspiration at once.


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