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Before you head over to your nearest store be sure to be somewhat prepared. Get all the inspiration you can through our photo gallery and get a sense of what you are looking for. We have created all kinds of solutions for every room in your home, but there are thousands of possible combinations, so we have only discovered a fraction of them. When planning on purchasing anything from our String® System assortment we have a great way of getting you familiar with all the parts and giving you the basic knowledge about the shelving system - our configuration tool BYO. It will make you a professional in no time. In BYO you can build out a String® combination exactly how you want it. Play around with wall panels, floor panels, different materials and colours. When you are done drawing, save it and either e-mail it or print it. All parts are specified with measurements, colours, article number and so on which makes it easy for your retailer to find the correct parts for you.  

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