Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström are the designers behind the Works range, and have also developed new products for the String System, with a wide range of smart accessories.

“A home office shouldn't look as if you've brought home furniture from work, it needs to have character. Of course it has to be functional, but with an equal amount of personality.”

The String System is designed to be not only flexible but also aesthetically appealing – an excellent choice for a workplace in the home. “It's all connected with function and how to create flexible configurations that work in different room environments.”

As String takes up so little floor space, there is no need to set aside an entire room to make a functioning work area.

You can easily make use of any leftover space in a hallway or an attic. Even a wardrobe can be transformed into a smart workplace.

If you already have a String shelf in your bedroom or living room, you can also add sections from the Works range.

Put in a folding table, or a work desk with a drawer, a cabinet and a few organizers, and you have a complete, functional workplace with specific functions, while maintaining the cosiness of home.

The possibilities and configurations are endless.

Impressive attention to detail makes the folding table as smart as it is attractive, in line with the original concept behind String. Now a shelf can be transformed into a table in no time – a stroke of genius for anyone living in small space.

When Björn and Anna created the Works series, they found a solution that decoupled String from the walls without losing its characteristic lightness. A good example is the height-adjustable desk, less bulky than traditional desks and with an underframe that is reminiscent of a simple trestle, giving it a natural, functional and light appearance.