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String is not only found in homes around the world, but also in various workplaces. Below are some of the creative, functional and flexible solutions with String System and Works ..by String Furniture in focus.

office MEC Gängtappen, Malmö

Office MEC Gängtappen, Malmö

office graphic designers, stockholm

Office graphic designers, Stockholm

office, stockholm

Office, Stockholm

medley pharmacy, new york

Medley pharmacy, New York

hexagon cars, london

Hexagon cars, London

our office, malmö

Our office, Malmö

office, malmö

Office, Malmö

restaurant hörte brygga, hörte sweden

Restaurant Hörte brygga, Sweden

9 hotel sablon, brussels

9 hotel sablon, Brussels

hygge hotel, brussels

Hygge hotel, Brussels

restaurant kockeriet, malmö sweden

Restaurant Kockeriet, Sweden