Plan and build your String® system

Planning your home has never been easier. With our convenient configurator, Build Your Own, you can build the most optimal shelving system for all rooms in your home. String system is not limited to a specific room or need. We have all the smart designs for you to build the slickest hallway combination, plan the kitchen of your dreams or create an inspirational environment for the kids’ room. Drag and drop desired parts from the menu to your left and create your own unique combination. Play with colours, materials and when perfected after your taste and needs – e-mail it and you will get a complete list of all the parts attached to your drawing.

Need some inspiration to get your mind going? Head over to our photo gallery and choose an image you like. Click on the little information (i)-icon in the upper left corner in order to see the other two menu choice. Then click on the BYO icon just next to it and open the image in Build Your Own. You can now build out the shelving system if needed or maybe remove a few parts, anything to fit your plan. If you like the combination exactly as it is, it could still be fun to play around in the configurator and try different colour options or materials.

If the photo gallery is too overwhelming to grasp, start your creative process by heading over to our inspiration page where you can focus on one room at the time. Get your inspiration going for that specific room and start to plan you string shelving system. Finalize your smart design thoughts and build your own String shelving system in our configurator. And while doing this, don’t forget to have fun!

When you are done drawing and ready to purchase your custom-made string shelf, click here to find your closest authorized String Furniture retailer. And do not forget to bring that beautiful drawing with you!